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Master Luthier Vasile GLIGA
Master Luthier Gliga Vasile Cutting A Violin/Viola BridgeCreation of Gliga Instruments began 30 years ago in the award-winning luthier VASILE GLIGA’s workshop in Reghin, Romania, where other famous Italian luthiers from Cremona, the Centre of Excellence for violinmaking for over 300 years, were getting their wood from. Since 1991, when the well-known Master craftsman VASILE GLIGA has finished his first violin, Gliga Brand is focused on ensuring the high quality of the finest and affordable handmade violins, violas, cellos, and double-basses.

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Outstanding 4/4 Full-Size Master Gliga 'GENOVA 1' Violin
Beginner 4/4 Full-Size Gliga 'GENIAL 2-Nitro' School Level Violin
Intermediate 4/4 Full-Size Gliga 'GEMS 2' Advanced Student Level Violin
Advanced Student 4/4 Full-Size Gliga 'GLORIA 1' Step-Up Level Violin

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