The Eminent Violinist YEHUDI MENUHIN Owner Of An Authentic Gliga Violin

Article Author: Elena Mihaela Gliga
Written by Elena Mihaela Gliga on 02/20/2021.

Romanian violinmaker VASILE GLIGA has received well-deserved worldwide recognition for his cherished craftsmanship

"Dear and very fine craftsman ... I shall treasure the instrument you made ..." - Sir Yehudi Menuhin - Reghin, 1995

Vasile Gliga and Sir Yehudi Menuhin

The Stradivarius of Romania, master luthier VASILE GLIGA is the only Romanian violin maker who has received a letter of recognition and appreciation of his excellency, from the greatest violinist and conductor YEHUDI MENUHIN.

Conductor Yehudi Menuhin letter to Violin Maker Gliga Vasile

The letter - which is an unquestionable global recognition of his value dated Sept 14, 1995, is a legacy displayed with pride at the Gliga’s headquarters, with the hope that the reputation of Transylvania as a center of violin-making excellence will eventually be acknowledged.

Violin Maker Gliga Vasile with Letter of Recognition

In just four years since his debut as a dedicated violinmaker, Gliga's stringed instruments were already in high demand. Thus, more than a quarter-century ago, the master luthier Vasile GLIGA and his wife, Elena were invited to exhibit their violins at the 1995 edition of the “George Enescu” International Festival, in Bucharest. Our family displayed the instruments in the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza"’s hall of the Romanian Parliament being honored by the visit of the illustrious Sir Yehudi Menuhin, who was also participating in that Festival edition.

Excited by the unexpected and very distinguished presence, master Gliga gave to the greatest and quintessential 20’th century American musician, Yehudi Menuhin one of his masterpieces. A week later, on September 14th, the violinist and conductor sent to Gliga family a letter of appreciation and recognition of the value of the Gliga’s handcrafted talent.

Gliga Vasile and Sir Lord Yehudi Menuhin in 1995 at George Enescu International Festival, Bucharest, Romania

Yehudi Menuhin was born on April 22, 1916, and he has the longest and most prestigious career of any American violinist. He studied with the Romanian violinist, composer, and conductor George Enesco in Paris, another proof of the virtuosity of the Romanian musician-related people.

Vasile GLIGA’s talent at wood carving is such that most anyone would have no doubt, even sight unseen, that his particular work wouldn't be worthy of recognition.

Luthier Vasile Gliga talented at wood carving cutting a violin scroll