GLIGA Romania | Gliga Instrumente Muzicale S.A.

The workshop of the famous master violin maker Vasile Gliga, the luthier known worldwide as Stradivarius of Romania for his hand carved violins, violas, cellos, and double-basses.

Outstanding 4/4 Full-Size Master Gliga 'GENOVA 1' Violin
Outstanding 4/4 Full-Size Master Gliga 'GENOVA 1' Violin
$2,365.00 now $1,881.90
GENOVA 1 4/4 (full size) Gliga violin is a good choice for the master level player, soloist, chamber. For the MAESTRO Genova 1 level we use the highest quality wood essences very carefully hand carved: with beautiful designs of the grain wood, rare forms of the wood fiber, extremely flamed, very seasoned wood at least 15 years of dryness. The attention to the details of craftsmanship is outstanding. The innate passion for the sculpture of the Romanian Master Luthier Gliga is perfectly reflected on the special feature of Genova 1 where you can find delicate hand carvings on the fittings: chinrest, tailpiece, pegs.
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