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Paul’s first Christmas playing his 1/16 Gama #violin by #gliga Happy Holidays!❤️

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

Master Luthier Vasile Gliga: "December 1st - The Great Union Day is an opportunity for Romania to reaffirm its pride in the past and confidence in the future." #nationalholidayofromania #GLIGA - Handmade in Romania Stringed Instruments, since 1991 #vasilegliga #masterluthiervasilegliga #handmadeinromania #stradivariusofRomania #gligaviolins #violinist #violinslover

#Gliga highlights the "World Teacher's Day" celebrated on October 5th. A big THANK YOU to all our #violin teachers, music educators, instructors for the important role they play in developing and preparing kids/adult students for a bright future!

Dixie State University Cello Festival 2020 - St. George, UT was an excellent opportunity for #GligaViolinsUSA to exhibit unique handmade in Romania #cellos

#GligaViolins highlights the NATIONAL "BE AN ANGEL DAY" – let’s stop for a second and encourage kindness to others. Let’s become a reflection of an angel here on earth, by support, help, and offer mercy to each other. Let’s spread always positive energy, optimism, a kind word, or a hug… #gliga #gligaviolin #violinist #beanangelday

These months our home became a real #violin workshop and the kids learned how to apply Peg Compound to the violin pegs from their daddy, Romanian #Luthier Cristian Gliga Because: #Gliga is a Family Legacy! We don’t “sell” #gligaviolins! We believe in our #stringedinstruments and we offer you the gift of music. For over 30 years, through hard work and dedication, our family is part of each instrument we make. We offer our detailed craftsmanship on quality Carpathian wood, along with professional setup and excellent services during and after-sale.

#Gliga highlights the "International Left Handers Day" celebrated on August 13th. This is a great opportunity to express our gratitude to young #fiddleplayer Morgan from Morgan Grace Music, #gligaviolins endorsed artist. Gliga Quiz: Did you know that Charlie Chaplin was a lefty #violin player? How many left-hand musicians do you know?

#Gliga highlights the "National Sisters Day" celebrated on the first Sunday in August. Gliga sisters’ relation was always strong, and this unique bond between sisters is beautifully reflected on the big brother's kindness and carrying attitude, #luthier Cristian Gliga. #gligaviolinsusa #cristiangliga #luthiercristiangliga #nationalsistersday #gligafamily

Gliga in the world! This beauty is on its way to Greece! Not this handsome little boy, but the instrument! Unique 1/10 Professional Orchestra Gama Wild Maple #violin by #Gliga, handmade in Romania, that will certainly put a huge smile on the owner’s face! #gligaviolinsusa #gligaviolins #gligaviolin #stringedinstrument #violinist #vasilegligastradivariusofromania

Puedes adivinar que es este material? Nos divertimos y aprendemos nuevas cosas con "Gliga Quiz" by Gliga Violins, USA Muy pronto subiremos más fotos

Look how the dark brown finishing color on a beginner level Genial 1 #violin become shiny and brilliant! Easy-Peasy! By installing a #gliga Ebony Tailpiece with hand-applied Genuine Swarovski Crystals - Pink Heart Design. A lot of inspiration for every #violinist!

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Outstanding 4/4 Full-Size Master Gliga 'GENOVA 1' Violin
Outstanding 4/4 Full-Size Master Gliga 'GENOVA 1' Violin

The stunning look is perfectly completed by the heavenly sou...